About NaClBox

Host your games online

With My NaClBox you can host the games you already own on our servers and play them from any computer with Google Chrome. You can upload your entire library of games and never worry about installing them on another computer again.

There are tons of DOS games still available for sale at sites like gog.com and Ebay.

Or if you already own the games, dig them out and upload them.

Play free games online

We host a bunch of classic DOS shareware games, demos and apps online that you can play for free.

These games are all hosted in a read only sandbox that you can play in. The only downside is that whatever you do is lost when you leave.

Just keep playing. Problem solved.

The history of NaclBox

You can read the original ideas on the original about page.

After spending a few months tweaking the site and adding some games, we got started on the #1 request for the site: the ability to play your own games.

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