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My NaClBox

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Getting started with My NaClBox

Adding a new game to My NaClBox

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Games won't load?

Turning on Native Client in Chrome

Google has not yet enabled Native Client by default for Chrome. They have enabled it for sites that are hosted in the Chrome Web Store. Until Google enabled Native Client to be enabled by default, you will have to jump through some hoops to use it.

To use NaClBox you must have version 19 or higher of Google Chrome.

The easy way!

If you install us from the Chrome Web Store, NaClBox will work with no changes to your settings:

The hard way!

In the Chrome address bar, type:


Find the section titled "Native Client"

Click "Enable" and restart Chrome.

Note: On some machines you will also need to check about:plugins and make sure the "Native Client" plugin is not disabled as well.

Platform Support

We have tested NaCl box on 32bit and 64bit Windows 7, 32-bit Mac OS X, and 64bit Ubuntu Linux.

Source Code

The source code for 'My NaClBox' and the NaClBox public site DOSBox executable are identical. The newest differences between NaClBox and DOSBox are available here.

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