Troubleshooting NaClBox and My NaClBox

NaClBox won't run at all.

First, please be aware that NaClBox requires Google Chrome version 19 or higher.

Please check that you have Native Client enabled in your copy of Chrome.

To enable Native Client, do the following:

The easy way!

If you install us from the Chrome Web Store, NaClBox will work with no changes to your settings:

The hard way!

  • Go to "about:flags" in your address bar (without quotes)
  • Click "Enable" next to Native Client
  • Go to "about:plugins" in your address bar (again, without quotes)
  • Occasionally you will find that you have to click "Enable NaCl" here too
  • Restart Chrome

My game is running too slow!

Most games will run at an acceptable speed on NaClBox. Many of those that do not run acceptably by default can run better with a few tweaks. You can try the following tricks:

While the game is running, hit ctrl-f12 to speed up the emulated cpu on the game. Hit ctrl-f11 will slow it back down.

Some games will work better if you set them to skip frames. This will draw to the screen a little less frequently to allow your game to run faster. Hit ctrl-f8 to increase the frameskip to see if your game speed improves.

Some games are not a good fit for NaClBox. Those include very processor intensive 3D games that were introduced at the very late stages of DOS's lifecycle (think: Duke Nukem 3D and Quake).

My NaclBox includes an experimental engine (64 bit Windows only) that may play these games quickly too.

I am having a problem with a specific game

Please contact us and let us know about the game or application. We will do our best to support the apps that our customers want to run.

The mouse is not matching up with the in-game mouse!

Some games (like many Lucas Arts adventure games) used relative rather than absolute mouse positioning. These games have no idea where the mouse is and only concern themselves with mouse movements.

For those games, you will have the best satisfaction by running them full screen.

Hit alt-enter from within the game to run in full screen mode. Then click anywhere to lock and hide your mouse. Everything should work as you expect at this point.

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